Platform / Asset Management

Innovative Asset Management on Clouds

Today’s buildings need smart management - centralizing of information, automation on workflow and effective reporting is the key to property management. The Facility Manager of the future will not only embrace Smart Buildings, but will be an intrinsic part of the ecosystem. Our service delivery platform minimize paperwork and gives you clarity in your operations.

Boost your functional performance

IMT captures facilities management data on site, in real time, and store it securely online. So every task—from scheduling resources, to emergency maintenance requests—is just a click away. This lets you create efficiencies and service standards that are unachievable with traditional excel sheets and other computer aided tools as Service Level Agreement included for effective feedback

Reduce your operating costs

IMT Tech isn’t just an Asset Maintenance solution. It’s an integrated suite of innovative modules that make it easier to administer asset and maintenance management tasks. Our clients have already reduced overhead costs by as much as 30%. Transparency enquiry eases management process with the cross functionality in our GST compliance accounting.

Track your work effortlessly

  • Create, update and approve detailed work instructions in real time.
  • Complete risk assessment more easily, before work begins as workflow process ensures that all followed through with alerts in notifications
  • Save photographs of work on site before and after completion.