Platforms / IoT Sensors & Devices

What is IOT and IMT

Internet of Things connects everything, bringing together people, processes, information and things.


IMT Cloud Platform enables IoT through seamless integration, multi-platforms and devices support. Making technologies Simple, Applicable and Intelligent

What we do


Consultancy based customisation based on enterprise requirements and business processes.


Cloud-platform reservation system for hospitality, including Billing, Operations Support System (BOSS); inc. Payment Gateway, Accounting Modules etc.

Enterprise business enhancements
  • Operational Efficiency, Quality & Productivity
  • Labour Savings
  • Energy Conservation
  • Reduce Waste
Data-driven analytics
  • Data Insights
  • Intruder alarms, access
  • Warnings trigger
  • Building energy efficiency
  • Patient Health Records
Enterprise grade automation value-adds to:
  • Property Developments
  • Buildings / Apartments / Homes
  • Green Hotels, Access & Rooms Control
  • Carparks Access & Vehicle detection
  • Vehicle Management Systems
E-Healthcare enablement
  • Remote patient diagnostics
  • Telehealth - Patient Monitoring for Long-term Care
  • Aged-care monitoring
  • Panic & Alerts Alarms
  • Surveillance option
  • Advance warning via analytics
Security & Safety improvements
  • Automated monitoring
  • Centralised monitoring
  • Alerts and Warnings
  • Surveillance