icommercial / Tenancy Management

This module is a tool that will help you effectively and efficiently manage your property in order to attract and retain tenants.

  • Manages bookings of multiple units per tenancy and multiple tenancies per client
  • It allows for flexible staggered billing requirements and rent-free arrangements
  • Manages all of the billing attributable to the owners like management fees, annual assessments and sinking fund contributionsPredefined rental schedules and standing charges can be easily configured and is integrated to the Accounts Receivable module
  • It tracks all lease renewal and termination with the option to automatically alert on expiring lease agreements
  • It allows users to define the sequence of activities (e.g. documents relating to a Tenancy Agreement etc) and the due dates for each of the activity in relation to the tenancy arrangement
  • It supports flexible inquiries on future unit availability, occupancy status and maintains historical tenancy arrangements and rental rates