Asset Management & Inventory Tracking

Our Asset Management & Inventory tracking is a web-based asset inventory management system which allows you to manage your company assets with any browsers from any part of the world, with optional mobile app for your technicians which includes arrays of additional features such as save-draft for offline mode & more.

A requirement for successful asset management is the proper definition of any asset. Automating asset management transactions achieves much of the same goal while providing greater granularity of data, reliable audit trails and lower operating costs.

By labeling a unique identity to each asset that is entered into ServiceDesk as its identifier, this unique asset identity allows robust descriptions and the means to update asset records electronically. The current accepted standard is to label assets with QR-coded numbered tags that we call ‘Asset Tagging’ except in extremely harsh environments where materials and adhesives will not withstand the abuse. It is likely that radio frequency identification (RFID) will become more established, and many users will take advantage of its benefits.



  • Improved ability to meet regulatory demands for asset planning
  • Better design and control over the capital expense program
  • Standardization of utility asset identification, information and processes involved in asset management
  • Reduced numbers and types of maintenance programs and activities in use at the utility


  • Reports Scheduling & Emailing
  • Announcement board
  • Stock replenishment & purchasing*
  • Assets service request, damage report & work order*
  • Facilities & Equipment booking*
  • Equipment rental management*


  • Free Format Report Engine
  • Assets aging report
  • Assets type distribution report –
    by site
  • Assets type distribution report –
    by department

Asset Registration

  • Unlimited asset types
  • Up to 24 customizable attributes for each asset type
  • Full procurement information (support stock replenishment & purchasing control*)- need to be linked with the Accounting module
  • Full maintenance service & movement history records
  • Maintain supplemental information, such as maintenance, photos and non-financial activities

QR-coding & RFID Interface

  • PDA version for portable QR code & RFID handheld console reader to provide real-time updates
  • Stock-in, stock-out data file synchronization feature for offline handheld reader

Our Benefits

Asset Registration

QR-coding & RFID Interface

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