Project, Workorder & Tasks Management

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Project, Workorder & Task Management are the lifeblood of many industries providing services and maintenance. It is also the backbone of your internal workforce management & asset maintenance.

Workorders are the connective tissue between workforce and the work they need to be done. Workorders act as the trail defining what needs to be done, by who, by when and with what tools within an organization.

Most of us have signed off on or have been given a work order, but like so much of what is commonplace, we don’t really have a firm idea of what it is and why it’s such a crucial link in many business transactions.

Our Benefits

Centralized System for All Tasks

Elimination of Paperwork

Improved Budgeting and Planning

Information Accuracy & Provide Easy Access to Essential Information

Compliance with Regulatory Standards

Portal Modules

What Is a Work Order?
Work order is a documentation flow that details a job from start to end. IMT Tech Work orders can be generated for use within an organization or to provide services to external clients, with work management software.

IMT Tech work order will have information on the location where the work is needed, who will carry it out and the timeframe in which it should be completed. The customer information is also included (if applicable) and can be used as an invoice for the work for future reference.

What Are Work Orders Used For?

Work orders standardize workflow and create a simple and fast process for scheduling, assigning and tracking work while documenting resources and tracking performance.

IMT Tech Work orders are primarily used in the property industry for service requests, but can also be used for services, products, inspections and audits. Work orders may not always be referred to as such. For example, in manufacturing, a work order is often called a sales order when a build or engineering is to take place.

Regardless of what industry a work order is used in, it is used to track and monitor the status of the job to make sure it is finished on time and within budget. This is true when work orders are used in field service or within an industry that is tasked with regular inspection.

Work Order Types

There are several types of IMT Tech work orders.

  • Reactive – Asset/Services has already broken down and cannot be planned.
  • Corrective – Asset/Services is still functioning but faulty. Mainly to identify and rectify. It can still be planned.
  • Preventive – scheduled maintenance for monthly/yearly required asset check-up.
  • Risk-based – Adjust/prioritize maintenance resources toward Asset/Services that carry the most risk if fail.
  • Routine – Automatic schedular. Usually daily tasks such as toilet cleaning.

Benefits of IMT Tech Project, Workorder & Tasks
Management Platform(Amongst Many)

Centralized System for All Tasks

A work order management system facilitates the creation of tasks and enables their tracking. Departments can handle multiple tasks like:

  • Assignment of labour hours
  • Estimation and monitoring of labour, parts, and miscellaneous costs
  • Tracking of procedures and downtime
  • Display of outstanding work for SLA

Once all the tasks have been confirmed, they gain approval through IMT Tech cloud supported work order management software. It becomes easier to schedule and prioritize orders according to need and urgency. The transparency that comes with the scheduling makes things run effectively.

Elimination of Paperwork

Online work order management software captures information automatically. Besides, maintenance personnel has access to all the necessary information on their mobile devices or computers.

IMT Tech systems provide for real-time tracking while providing for regular updates in the process. We can also categorize tasks and allow for management in real time.

Work order management systems eliminate sudden shortages. Unlike paper orders, online systems can remind you when any inventory hits reorder level.

Improved Budgeting and Planning

Online work order management systems play a crucial role in measuring performance. They’re very specific in keeping track, not only for the whole system but also at a micro level.

With updated records, you’re able to reduce or eliminate interruptions. The records play a vital role in the management team in planning. They can plan and budget for the future from a position of relevant and updated information.

Through the systems, operations and equipment are upgraded on time. The information available also provides a solid foundation for setting goals and timelines.

Information Accuracy & Provide Easy Access to Essential Information

One problem facing most companies with many assets is the inability to keep track of them. Online work order management system helps eliminate such challenges by enabling the ID & blueprint to be uploaded into the system, producing a unique QR code to be tagged on the asset. When any asset requires servicing, its exact location within the facility is identified and photos of the faulty part can be added on the work order.

The exact asset also marked on any work order ticket to ensure the identification is correct. Thus, chances of getting the order wrong are greatly reduced.

QR code scanning (Asset QR tagging) also makes access to information accurate, easy, and quickly. Once maintenance technicians receive online work orders, they can start work immediately.

Updating of completed work is also easy via portal or app. Online systemized work orders has audit trail and cannot be altered. This avoids unnecessary costs for the company.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards

Management systems are required to comply with both national and international regulatory standards. Online work order management software is an avenue for businesses to demonstrate their level of compliance. It reduces the amount of time and paperwork it takes to prepare for an audit.

Maintenance managers must undergo periodic audits by regulatory bodies. In preparation, they can simply generate reports of their work orders through the systems. In the long run, compliance becomes easy to trace and reduces exposure to noncompliance penalties.

Other benefits such as:

  • Measure your KPIs & learn from every step
  • Configurable routine maintenance checklist
  • Estimate and track labour, parts and miscellaneous costs
  • Track safety procedures
  • Track downtime
  • Quickly assign labour hours
  • Display outstanding work for the day, week, or month
  • Complete online audit for regulatory and insurance purpose
  • Increase availability and performance of equipment
  • Boost employee productivity
  • Reduce overtime
  • Improve customer service
  • Minimize paperwork
  • Reduce the maintenance backlog
  • Improve safety of staff

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