Defects Management

A collaborative system for you to track, organize, analyze, and monitor defects in properties.Our system helps automate defects escalation and resolution process, ensuring effective defects management. Owners can submit and monitor the progress of their own unit’s defects and rectifications which require developer’s action. All posted items, will be generated into a defects clearance form, for signing off upon the completion of works.

How it Works

Capture image

Receive update on work progress

Receive update after the defects are rectified

Our Benefits

Bookings for Vacant Possession, Joint Inspection & Key Collection etc..

Owners will be able to view their assigned booking time as well as view clearance letter attached by developer for Vacant Possessions. Admins are required to attached clearance forms for VP for 2-point check. Flexible parameters and certain restriction to ease admin’s facilitation of bookings such as: only 1 VP booking per unit is allowed.

(Optional Customization) Handover Checklist

Handover checklist can be signed by owner via Virtual handover or Physical handover. Signature will be generated in a PDF Handover Checklist form to be printed or kept in the system.

Escalation Based on Service Level Agreement (SLA) Days

Defect ticket priority can be configurated by admin. When a ticket has hit the escalation days without completion, escalation email will be sent to users based on level setup. 3 levels can be set up.

Defect Entry

Owners can post their defects by taking a picture and enter defect items in the Self Care mobile Apps as well as Desktop version, completed with all real-time ticket statuses and details such as ticket number. Customer Service would also be able to update from the backend Admin login as reports of all defects will be generated from the data input as a central repository.

Contractor Portal & Assignment of Defect Item (FSR)

Field Service Request – Portal login for Contractors. Contractor can be assigned defect items and log into contractor portal to manage the defect items assigned to them. Contractors will receive email notifications & are able to update statuses of FSR items. Reports and photos are downloadable for their reference. Project team can reject unsatisfactory items to trigger rework of defect items.

Owners/Purchasers Notifications & Status Update

Mobile app notification & email notifications for all updates & announcements. Portal apps have a standard notification on the change of status every time the Customer Service updates works in the ticket as well as receives notification when there is an update on the bookings and all status on defect submitted.

Defect Items with Letter Template Generation

All defect attachments posted will be generated into a e-defects clearance form, for signing off by owners upon the completion of works. Standardization of all letters posted out with the letter template generator.

Sign-Off by Owners/ Developers

Sign off will be with a final inspection with the Customer Service/Project Team to close the ticket raised for the defects items.

Completion of Defects

Posted items will be kept for future reference as well as the Service Level of Agreement for items posted will be in accordance with S&P agreements of defects rectification.


  • Defects Rectification Aging based on Case Completed date AND Sign Off date
  • Summary of aging days & status of all defect tickets generated
  • Defects type summary by Condition type & item type
  • Defects weekly report
  • Monthly Risk Card
  • First Defects
  • Booking times of all bookings – VP, Inspection etc.
  • DNF (Defects Notification Form) for signing off
  • Project Team Report

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