Portal for Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio

iREMS is a central hub, more precisely it is an online web portal, mobile app and back-end system with full-fledged accounting & investment building facilities management features.

iREMS is designed to allow users to access your building’s information at any time and from anywhere. Building owners, investment owners, tenants and committee members can benefit from immediate, secure and easy access to information specific to their property. This information is kept current and regularly updated. iRems has put in place stringent measures to ensure owners’ and tenants’ information is safe and only can be accessed by the authorized person. The registration process is via the secured iRems website and the owners’ information submitted is held securely under privacy laws.

iRems provides the platform to allow management staff to communicate efficiently with Occupants, hence resolving issues in an effective manner. iRems is a user-based system and requires login, thus only Occupants of the community are given access to the system. With iRems, management staffs can perform efficiently and in turn, reduce the operating costs for the management office.

The system includes both automated incident creation from the e-mail and End User Web Self Service in order that Occupants and internal IT users may log, update and check the status of their own accounts of financial transactions and easier tracking for management to identify defaulters.

Includes a community notice board that publishes announcement, updates & news via control panel with a strong user permission control accessibility to designated personnel.

Occupants can make reservation for the facilities and classes via the web-for occupants who would like to advertise their services they can easily log in to ask permission from the management office to do so.

Ongoing security check will be more efficient as Occupants can pre-register their visitors thus provide better security control.

Ability to archive important files and previous tenant’s details, billing history can be retrieved with just a single click and a standard operating system can be set and no more hassle of mismanaged files and paper stacks all over the office.

Contractor Portal & Assignment of Defect Item (FSR)

Field Service Request – Portal login for Contractors. Contractor can be assigned defect items and log into contractor portal to manage the defect items assigned to them. Contractors will receive email notifications & are able to update statuses of FSR items. Reports and photos are downloadable for their reference. Project team can reject unsatisfactory items to trigger rework of defect items.

Owners/Purchasers Notifications & Status Update

Mobile app notification & email notifications for all updates & announcements. Portal apps have a standard notification on the change of status every time the Customer Service updates works in the ticket as well as receives notification when there is an update on the bookings and all status on defect submitted.


Custom Branding

Through a comprehensive branding of the users’ portals, further strengthening of corporate identity can be achieved. The user will have the decisions on the means to brand the offerings of the portal, from the domain and the color scheme to many other available features.

Facilities maintenance systems allow landlords or managers to track work orders, schedule preventative maintenance, and communicate with maintenance staff. The System within portal will automatically create schedules and alerts, as well as generate work orders. It can be used for building, grounds, and asset management across multiple locations.

Self Care for Users Login

Self Care module with our standard iRems Platform whereby users can log into a web system via browser or our web apps on IOS or Android and perform transaction and view information, anywhere they wish.

Announcement & Community Notice Board
  • Management office publishes announcement, updates & news via control panel easily.
  • Occupants obtain latest management office updates from the community notice oard wherever they are as long as they have connectivity to the Internet.
  • Reduces hassle to check out the physical notice board periodically to know latest happenings and events.
  • Occupants quickly identify new announcements via the web, thus saving time and effort – not able to do so with physical notice board and also receives via email notification.
Service Desk/General Feedback
  • Occupants lodge their complaints or requests over the web, and monitor complaints or requests status.
  • Complaints can be lodged at any time by Occupants without having to wait for management’s office hours – the web operates 24 hours/7 days a week.
  • Greater efficiency; no more missing or misplaced complaint/request forms.
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) engine will send notification to both Occupants & management office to ensure all the complaints & requests are being handled with professionalism.
Facilities/Classes Booking
  • Occupants can make reservation for the facilities or classes via the web – no more queuing in the management office.
  • Availability of facilities are displayed within the digital calendar – reducing time and effort for both staff and resident (eliminate the hassle of Occupants to contact management office to check for availability time and again, reducing the effort of management staff to check for facilities availability). Can also pay online for booking facilities.
Billings & Statement of Account
  • Occupants are prompted if payment is overdue.
  • Occupants able to view financial transactions for reference.
  • Easier tracking for management – identify defaulters immediately and take follow up action.
Payment online
  • Billings’ information for respective units.
  • Billings’ payment -secure online payment facility.
Customizable Portlets & Management Modules

With SOA Framework, our Portal Apps Suite integrates the back-end property management software to provide real-time management information and also the modules are modular and we can always carry out any customization suited to the needs.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

With SaaS model, user can own a portal with minimal upfront costs. To start up, users have zero hardware fee to pay for, SaaS has predictable subscription pricing, which simplifies budgeting and forecasting.

Service Desk

The Service Desk system is a platform to lodge complaints and to allow users to take action to rectify the situation. Reports can also be generated with a single click of mouse which allows users to review the issues raised by all parties and its occurrences. We provide an integrated solution for automating and managing Request and Service Management related business processes.

Service Level Management that we provide is a configurable Service Level Agreement (SLA) engine, with support for international time zones. Service Level defines an escalation and notification option which includes email and SMS text messages. (Not inclusive of SMS purchase as we only provide integration).

The aim of having the Service Desk system is to allow business owners/tenants to identify and resolve all complaints lodged by customers on human errors or defective assets. Hence, the main features of the system are as follows:

  • Identify and log all complaints from customers to the system.
  • Selfcare module that allows 3rd parties to log complaints, view complaints status via Internet browser.
  • Resolution information by business owners or with regards to the complaints.

The Service Desk system is able to categorize the complaints by problem profile, asset and also contact. This makes it easier for analysts to search for relevant issues. The management is also able to quickly view the reports based on the category mentioned above.


Reporting tool is an important section for all software systems. Reports are one of the most effective methods to present ideas and information across to everyone due to its summary calculation and beautiful chart reports. Our reports can be tailor made to suit business needs.

Property Financial Acounting

Property Financial Accounting is a modern business application engineered with the latest technologies to transform the way Real Estate Managers finds, win, and retains customers.

With proactive process guidance, and breakthrough insights, Property Financial Accounting can help improve productivity for everyone in Real Estate Managers organization.

The key technical benefits of the Property Financial Accounting are as follows:

  • Built on a robust set of technologies, Property Financial Accounting provides enterprise- grade scalability and increased flexibility for organizations of all sizes.
  • Proven security model based on white box testing by using The Open Web Application Security Project’s (OWASP) Top Ten Most Critical Web Application Security Risks which serves as a security benchmark for web It is generally accepted within the information security industry that applications should be protected from these risks.
  • Harness the power of Linux Server, MySQL Database Server, and the Laravel Framework for maximum performance with our Flutter APPs.
Accounts Receivable

Collection is the lifeline of any organization hence a good Accounts Receivable & an analytical module is crucial as it is the core of the organization prosperity and survival.

This module impacts some of the most important functions relating to billing, collection and the credit control functions:

  • Schedules billings to both tenants and owners- generates accurate and timely billings.
  • Tracks deposits received in a deposit ledger.
  • Partial payments and post-dated cheques are supported.
  • Payment reminders to be sent to the customer are generated and tracked for all outstanding invoices.
  • Billings for late payment interest can be generated anytime taking into consideration of grace periods, credit terms and using different interest rates.
  • The Collection Activity function provides users with up-to-date status information about the account as well as tools to record and initiate follow-up actions for every account.
  • Integrated with Payment Online and upon successful transaction ported into the AR for transfer on basis of items paid.
  • Has a comprehensive report library of debtor reports-aging analysis, subsidiary ledgers, collection and transaction analysis.
Accounts Payable

This module provides efficient management of Real Estate Managers trade and non-trade payables along with effective creditor management tools. It allows for the tracking of every aspect of payables from receipt of invoices to cash disbursements.

  • It caters for all types of creditors for the organization, whether they are contractors, trade creditors or sundry creditors.
  • It allows online verification of creditors’ invoices with a concept (PO-DO-Invoice) to validate payment.
  • It provides a meaningful and comprehensive financial summary of a creditor with drill-down capabilities to source documents.
General Ledger

The key strength of the General Ledger module is in its integration to all other modules to automatically capture transactions to produce Financial Reports as and when required.

  • Unlimited user-definable Chart of Accounts con be shared across companies, divisions and departments to avoid any duplication.
  • Budgets can be set not only for the current financial year but also for future It caters for 13 months, 15 months, 18 months or any number of financial periods a customer requires to have in a financial year.
Debts Recovery

This module is one of the most important functions relating to collection as credit control functions is managed efficiently with our debts recovery notifications and reminder to owners and tenants on a template basis.

Financial Management System

Contractors’ Management

Meter Utility

Season Car Park Management

Tenancy Management

Prospect Management

Stacking Plan

Wale Report


Inventory Control

Assets Management

Financial Management System

Administrator will be able to set up the accounts with transaction template which is ready for property management with SST Compliance.

Contractors’ Management

This module manages the Contractor’s records as to when their contract expires and notifies administrator before expiry.

Meter Utility

This module manages the Contractor’s records as to when their contract expires and notifies administrator before expiry.

Season Car Park Management

This module is designed to address all carpark management procedures.

  • It is also catered for the season carpark management and additional car park lot which can be integrated to the Accounts and payment online.
  • Receivable module for billing purposes.
  • Able to integrate with access card reader for carpark maintenance which has a proper API.
Tenancy Management

This module is designed to address all carpark management procedures.

  • It is also catered for the season carpark management and additional car park lot which can be integrated to the Accounts and payment online.
  • Receivable module for billing purposes.
  • Able to integrate with access card reader for carpark maintenance which has a proper API.
Prospect Management

This module keeps tracks of all leasing or sales of properties enquiries, if need be, as well as keep track of any queries from the website of the community.

Tracks the prospect and easily converts the prospect into a tenant.

Stacking Plan

Wale Report


Inventory Control

Assets Management

Stacking Plan

A stacking plan is a visual representation of a commercial structure that shows the tenants on each floor, the square footage of each floor, when each tenant’s lease will expire, and sometimes other information.

Stacking plans can make it easier to sell or lease space in a commercial building, as they show potential buyers or tenants more about the building in an easy-to-digest way. In addition to simply showing square footage and lease expiration dates, stacking plans can also show a building’s entire rent roll, complete with leasing terms and other data, as well as occupancy/vacancy rates.

Wale Report

WALE, or weighted average lease expiry, is an important term within the world of commercial property. In a property with various leases of different lengths, assessing market risks can be complex. The weighted average lease expiry is used to indicate the average expiry period of all the leases within a property. This figure enables Real Estate Managers to more clearly assess the current and future income stream that the property will provide.

A property’s weighted average lease expiry is calculated based on the length of all leases within the property, but it is also weighted in terms of individual tenants. This may mean the WALE is adjusted according to each lease space and how much this accounts for within the property, or how much the rental payments contribute to the whole income from that property. A large, leased space with a longer term, for example, may help to mitigate the risk of several small spaces with shorter leases.


This module enables users  to analyse the quality,  accuracy,  and timely delivery  of  all purchased materials. From requisition to reconciliation, the module is built around purchasing best practices and automatically enforces organizational policies for spending limits and approvals.

  • It allows for purchase orders creation from requisitions or alternatively prepare purchase orders that are required to be rushed out without going through the requisition process.
  • Purchase schedules can be pre-arranged, which later serve as a reminder or guideline to the purchasing officer.
  • Maintains historical pricing for analysis purposes and lead-time for delivery.
  • Complete purchase order history and status reports to manage Real Estate Managers procurements from every vendor.
Inventory Control

This module provides up-to-the minute inventory status with the tools to effectively manage and analyse inventory.

  • Tracks stock transactions through stock issues, receipts, transfers and adjustments.
  • It enables Real Estate Managers to record all transfers between warehouses.
  • It produces a worksheet that can be used to record the physical quantity counted during the stock -take process on a monthly or yearly basis.
  • It provides fast and accurate inventory information such as Balance Quantity.
  • Maximum & Minimum Quantity, Reorder level and Reorder Quantity reports.
Assets Management

With the Asset Management module, Real Estate Managers can improve the accessibility and flow of Real Estate Managers asset information. Online access to location, and asset count – also provides timely and accurate information for property management team.

  • It can create and maintain a register of all assets and their location with QR codes.
  • Transfer assets from one location or department to another while maintaining full historical information on the movement of assets. 
  • It supports Assets Listing/Count and Asset tracking costing will be on separate costing.

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