What is iTrack?

iTrack is a specially designed CMMS which stands for “Computerized Maintenance Management System”. We help businesses manage, automate, and streamline their maintenance operations by providing a streamlined platform to complete and track all your work and ensure the right thing gets done at the right time. iTrack is built to reduce paperwork for you by making documentation, scheduling, and reporting simple and intuitive.

  • Automate work order assignments
  • Track your team’s productivity
  • Provide real-time data and reports
  • Reduce part spend
  • Decrease equipment downtime/increase uptime
  • Eliminate manual paperwork by transitioning your paper records or Excel


iTrack can do a lot. Here are the core features:

Flexible reports

Comprehensive task Dashboards

Asset management

Work order management

Routine maintenance checklist

Work request portal

Inventory management


Dedicated mobile app

Simplified Work Orders and Requests

Work order management is core component of any maintenance management software. With an easy-to-use work request portal and full automation features, iTrack is the answer to many of your maintenance problems.

With iTrack , you can easily track work orders and assign tasks to your technicians. The software is as easy-to-use on a desktop computer as it is on the mobile app: technicians receive automatic push notifications & email notifications when it is time to perform preventive maintenance tasks or respond to urgent work requests.

Easy Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

A large part of facilities management is planned maintenance scheduling. iTrack can help you be proactive and cost-efficient with a more effective preventative maintenance strategy.

  • Detect equipment issues before they happen, reducing breakdowns and downtime.
  • Automate work-orders.
  • Develop preventative maintenance checklists and notifications.

Once your preventive maintenance is up and running like a well-oiled machine, iTrack can also be a good entry point to predictive maintenance, too. (Integration with IoT sensors makes predictive maintenance a delight, speak to us for full-fledged customized solution & third-party integration possibility).

Real-time Asset Information

Asset maintenance is essential because it is the basis of all other functions. However, the more assets you have, the harder it is to save, organize, and use asset information.

iTrack solves these problems by allowing users to:

  • Create unlimited assets for tracking, managing, reference & QR code asset tagging.
  • Pull detailed and complete maintenance history reports on assets and easily run total cost of ownership reports.
  • View real-time dashboard updates & comprehensive reporting regarding KPI, statuses, location, maintenance tickets, history, schedules etc..

Improved Inventory Management

iTrack will improve your inventory control. Streamlining the recording, tracking, and organization of inventory as well as automating reports, will help avoid human errors.

Here are the key things iTrack can do to help make sure you have the inventory you need when you need them without overstocking:

  • Track parts usage and quantity to help you make accurate inventory forecasts.
  • Set up email reminders for when parts go below a certain quantity (reorder level).
  • Let you know what inventories are used on which work order ticket with audit trail.

Keep Track of Your Vendors

Every organization has some specialized maintenance work carried out by third-party contractors. If you do not have an option to track and manage their work, your maintenance records are incomplete.

iTrack is able to:

  • Track and manage your vendor’s contact information, past work, and invoices.
  • Know the function, purpose, and scope of each vendor’s work.
  • Give limited access to a vendor to view only the work assigned to them and enable them to update statuses, attach photo & put in remarks of their work.

Better Reporting on Maintenance Costs and KPI’s

Data can be a strong tool, but only if you know how to use it. Get a handle on your key data points by utilizing iTrack to track every asset, activity, and expense. Then, use the data to determine overall costs, develop budgets, and optimize maintenance, and improve decision-making.

iTrack is able to:

  • Download in Excel to immediately convert data into readable reports.
  • Share clear and concise reports on activity and efficiency with upper management.
  • Gain a better understanding of KPIs to lower the risk of equipment failure and add value to your production process.
  • Analyse trends, identify problems, track real-time costs, and more to continue improving your maintenance program.

Develop Standardized Maintenance Processes for Your Organization

Create and manage more processes in the same amount of time by building standard operating procedures, maintenance checklists, workflows, and reporting templates. Any technician using iTrack can jump in and follow an ever-evolving checklist, correctly servicing an asset wherever it is on its lifecycle.

This will help you maintain regulatory compliance and pass audits much more easily.

Sign-Off by Owners/ Developers

Sign off will be with a final inspection with the Customer Service/Project Team to close the ticket raised for the defects items.

Completion of Defects

Posted items will be kept for future reference as well as the Service Level of Agreement for items posted will be in accordance with S&P agreements of defects rectification.

The right solution for your building

In IMT Tech, we understand the difficulties of managing your real estate and assets. We don’t just provide, we listen & consult. Speak to expert to find out how IMT Tech will be the perfect solution for your business.

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