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Like many aspects of business, your level of preparation influences your chances of success. Choosing the right accounting software will save you time, hassle and money as your business grows. Ensure you weigh up your options before you decide – it will make all the difference to your portfolio performance.

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Well-managed Real Estate Accounting is Vital.

Keep Your Data Safe and Accessible in Case of an Audit

Work from Anywhere with Cloud-based Software

Internal Control Accounting System

Let the Software Do the Hard Work

Owners/Purchasers Notifications & Status Update

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  • Payment – Online payment, Direct debit, Advanced payments
  • Powerful billing – Tenant & Owner billing, Bulk/Individual rates set up, Selective billing & Bulk billing, Post draft invoice etc..
  • Meter reading – Import & Billing
  • Interest – Billing & waiver, Unbilled interest report
  • Collections – Receipts, CN & DN, Bulk CN & DN, Open Credit, Bank in Slip
  • Deposits – Deposit, Refund, Transfer
  • Debts Recovery – Generate reminder, Reminder history, Reminder template
  • Bulk printings
  • Billing Reports – Invoice date, Charge type, Interest waiver & details, Summary etc..
  • Collection Reports – Receipt, CN & DN, Deposit, Refund, transfer, Collection summary, Payment allocation etc..
  • Receivable Reports – Debtor’s ledger, Deposit ledger, Billing & statement, Interest advices, SOA, Outstanding Statement, Aging report, Top defaulter listing, Unrefunded deposit etc..
  • Supplier Invoices – approved PO from procurement module
  • Supplier Invoices – CN & DN
  • Payment Vouchers – Journal
  • Miscellaneous – receipts
  • Reports – AP Aging, Creditor Ledger, Supplier Invoice, Payment Voucher, CN & DN etc..
General Ledger
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Journal Vouchers
  • AR Transfer
  • Reports – JV bulk printing, JV report, Journal Transaction Report
  • Financial report – General ledger, Trial balance, Balance sheet, Income statement, Monthly income statement, Comparative income statement, Forecast budgeting, Budget listing, Cash Flow statement
  • Request Order
  • Purchase order
  • Approver set up with levels & price tiering approval right
  • Report – Request order & Purchase order
& MORE specialized real estate Accounting feature
  • Miscellaneous AR
  • SST
  • Depreciation
  • Sales & Leaseback

Reporting tool is an important section for all software systems. Reports are one of the most effective methods to present ideas and information across to everyone due to its summary calculation and beautiful chart reports. Our reports can be tailor made to suit your business needs.

For all Your Real Estate Asset Investments & Management Needs and More..

When you manage portfolio of real estate properties or client holdings, there’s a lot to consider.

Well-managed Real Estate Accounting is Vital.

Working in real estate means dealing with large sums of money on a regular basis. That’s true whether you:

  • manage commercial or residential real estate for clients
  • handle the accounts of a housing association
  • run a building construction firm
  • manage an investment trust
  • provide residential lettings services

In all of these roles, well-managed real estate accounting can make all the difference. Mistakes could cost you (or your clients) a lot of money. Specialized real estate accounting software can save time and ensure data is up-to-date.

Keep Your Data Safe and Accessible in Case of an Audit

Property businesses are sometimes targeted for audit by government tax inspectors. This can be a stressful time for your business – and an expensive one. Government officials will go through your accounts in fine detail. They will be looking for anomalies and ask questions.

You could be audited at any time by the tax office, so it’s vital you keep your records safe and accessible. IMT Tech accounting software will help, with an audit trail and digital record. This simplifies the audit process and you can immediately extract any record for inspection.

Work from Anywhere with Cloud-based Software

If your employees work remotely or complete tasks while they’re out and about on a job, look at using online property management software for your real estate business. It will mean that your employees can work from anywhere, at any time, on any device – which is a real advantage in the property industry.

Make sure your business uses software applications that integrate with your property management software. When your software is streamlined and in sync, you’ll be more efficient and be able to offer superior service to your clients.

Internal Control Accounting System

Business leaders understand it is essential to have accurate financial data to drive operations and measure success. However, without the proper controls in place – errors, fraud, and other issues can occur, hindering operational efficiency and growth. While some small business owners assume internal control systems are only designed for larger organizations, these functions are crucial for companies of all sizes in all industries.

IMT Tech specialized Accounting has stringent user control features that is defined by you, to ensure accuracy and reliability:

  • Separation of duties
  • Access controls
  • Required approvals
  • Trial Balances control
  • Templates
  • Reconciliations
  • Daily data back-ups

Let the Software Do the Hard Work

Given the complex nature of real estate accounting, you need to use the right tool for the job. This isn’t something that can be managed using a spreadsheet. That’s not what spreadsheets were designed to do.

You need software that’s easy to use yet capable of handling all your transactions. Choose IMT Tech smart online cloud accounting software, because then you can:

  • update your accounts securely from anywhere, even when on-site with clients
  • quickly and easily share real-time financial data with your accountant or bookkeeper
  • track your portfolio’s performance from anywhere, anytime – on any device
  • automate much of the work, with scheduled payroll and direct bank feeds
  • reduce your IT overheads – no servers required
  • powerful reporting

The right solution for your building

In IMT Tech, we understand the difficulties of managing your real estate and assets. We don’t just provide, we listen & consult. Speak to expert to find out how IMT Tech will be the perfect solution for your business.

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